Tuesday, February 18, 2014

House Party!

This past weekend I hosted a House Party for Yellowtail Wines. I applied for this through House Party.com and was lucky enough to be selected to host a party to try their new Pink Moscato. As a result, they sent me a party pack full of all sorts of goodies to host a great party with my friends and neighbors! This is my Party Pack:


It included tasting glasses, napkins, picture frame magnets, wine flavored lip gloss, a $25 Amex gift card to buy the wine for the party and as a bonus, I got an A Winter's Tale movie poster.

The party was easy enough. It really doesn't take people much convincing to come try wine.

I whipped up some Tastefully Simple goodies so prepping was easy. The day before I made the Garden Pepper and Feta cheese ball, Awesome Amaretto cheese ball, and the Fiesta Dip. I made them all exactly the way it said to on the box EXCEPT the Fiesta Party Dip which I added a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and a cup of corn to. I threw it all in the fridge and the next day I stuffed some strawberries with the amaretto cheese ball mix and put the other two dips on a platter with some wheat thins and tortilla chips!

The wine itself was really tasty. It was sweet and refreshing. I used some of it to make a punch by mixing a bottle with a can of raspberry lemonade concentrate and a couple of cans of Sprite. It was really sweet but really tasty too!

We had a great time. Can't wait to apply for my next House Party!

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